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Causes behind the Muslim and Christian problem and solution to it

a) The caste system & ostracism:

Basic intention behind caste system was division of labour. But later on it proved as poison to Hindu Society. Due to Saptabandis (SEVEN BANS) like Ban on water ( not to drink water from other castes), ban on intercaste marriages, ban on crossing Attock & Sea sailing. Ban on re-conversion of Muslims and Christians, Hindu world suffered a tremendous loss. Due to these differences based on castes, we the Hindus never became united against common foe. e.g. Molestation of Brahmin woman by Muslim did not generate sense of revenge amongst other cast and vice versa. Muslims and Christians naturally took full advantage of our such internal differences and enhanced their numerical power.

b) Ban on re-purification of forcibly converted Muslim and Christians:

During the 1000 years of Hindu-Muslim War we the Hindus got success in Military War but we failed miserably in religious war. We were successful in Military wars against Muslims but we failed to nullify the religious aggression done by Muslims and Christians on our society. What might be the reason behind this religious defeat ?

Whenever Muslim Army was victorious in war, they used to compel Hindu Men to accept either Islam or Death. They used to capture Hindu ladies and distribute amongst themselves by converting them to Islam through rapes.

After few years Hindu Army used to recapture that province but this victorious Hindu Army never forced any pure Muslim to accept Hindutva. Nay, they even didn't allow the forcibly converted Hindus to come back to their own Hindu religion. They didn't free the Hindu beauty from Muslim harems. Because they want to save their purity by banning on reconversion of polluted Hindu men and women. According to Hindus, such ban was the order of Hindu religion, so they strictly adhered to it. But this ban caused heavy numerical loss to Hindu society, Not only this but this ban caused heavy numerical profit to Muslim society. Hindu women in Muslim harems continued to give births to new Aurangzebs. These Aurangzebs further continued wars and molestation. This continued onwards unchecked and caused numerical imbalance between Hindus and Muslims. This is the very reason why we the Hindus were defeated in religious field although we were victorious in the battlefield.

c) Perverted conception of virtues:

In fact virtues or vices are only relative terms. No virtue can be unqualified and absolute under every circumstance or at every place. Be it said briefly that in practice or in ethical code a virtue should be called a virtue only to the extent to which it is useful to the best interest of human society. And the moment it begins to cause harm to mankind , it should be considered a vice and as such discarded forthwith.

To let go the vanquished and abjectly surrendering enemy is said to be a virtue in some religious books, so enemies like the ungrateful Mohammed Ghori & Rohial Najibkhan, were set free. And what did they do in return for this noble act of the Hindus ? The first brutally murdered his former benefactor, Prithviraj Chauhan, while the second conspired against the very Marathas, who let him go alive and brought about their unprecedented destruction at Panipat. Having only learnt by rote the maxim, to give food to the hungry and water to the thirsty is a virtue, the Hindus went on giving milk to the vile poisonous cobras and vipers ! Even while the Muslim demons were demolishing Hindu temples and breaking to pieces their holiest of idols like Somnath, they never wrecked their vengeance upon those wicked Muslims, even when they had golden opportunities to do so, nor did they ever take out a single brick from the walls of Masjids because their religious teachers and priests preached the virtue of not inflicting pain on the offender.

Every Hindu seems to have been made to suck along with his mother's milk, this Nectar - like advice that religious tolerance is a virtue. But nobody ever explains to him the essence of that precept. If that alien religion is also tolerant of our own religion, our tolerance towards it can be a virtue. But the Muslims and the Christians religions, which boldly proclaim it to be their religious duty to destroy most cruelly the Hindu religion and to eradicate from the face of this earth the Kafirs and the heathens, can never to described as tolerant of other religions.

After Mahmud of Ghazni demolished the temple of Somnath for the first time, it was rebuilt several times by the Hindus and destroyed by the Muslim conquerors as many times ! Once when a powerful Hindu king established his power in that region., he never disallowed Arab traders from entering the Hindu land even if he had a bitter experience of these traders in past. Because he want to establish his image as generous and religious tolerant Hindu King and he treated Arab with such a grate deal of hospitality and they might feel quite at home there. Naturally, these Arabic traders, actuated whether by political trickery or by religious pride, thought of building by way of a challenge, as it were , a Musjid just in front of the Somnath temple, rebuilt by the Hindu Kafirs. But the under the circumstances then prevalent there, they could not do so by force or bravado. Hence with their usual craft they applied in the most courteous and humble words to the King for permission to build the Masjid. And O what wonder ! that gullible Hindu King consented to it most willingly and up rose the new Masjid challenging the Somnath temple. As a matter of fact, considering the highly miserable state to which the Temple of Smonath was reduced by Mahmud and others the Hindu King should have wiped out of existence all the Masjids without exception, as soon as he conquered the land, and then and then alone could he have restored the Somnath temple to its original glory. But instead of destroying the existing Masjids he permitted a new one to be built up and bestowed an annuity on it for its maintenance. For this suicidal religious tolerance (perversion of a virtue again ! he had very soon to pay dearly, because when after some time the brutal forces of Alla-ud-din and attacked Gujrath and killed thousands of Hindu men and rape as many Hindu women and pulled down hundred of Hindu temples and marched straight towards Somnath, how did these Arabs and their descendants repay the religious tolerance of the Hindu King who allowed the Arabian traders to built the said Masjid ? Did they allow the restored Somnath temple to remain unmolested in return for the obligation of the Hindus - even if it were to tantalize the Hindu gullibility and simplicity ? No ! The Muslim armies battered the temple to pieces once again and outdid Mahmud of Ghazni in taking away the sacred idol and the slab inside this temple to Delhi and made them fit nicely into the pedestal for a Masjid there.


Abolsute Ahimsa is a crime. Relative Ahimsa is a virtue. If a snake is going to bite a man, we will have to kill that snake instantly. To save that man by killing snake is real Ahimsa.


Muslims had a faith that it was a religious duty of every Muslim to kidnap and force into their own religion, non-Muslim women. This incited their sensuality and lust for carnage and, while it enormously increased their number, it affected the Hindu population in an inverse proportion. To hesitate to acknowledge this d fact under guise of politeness is simply a puerile self-deception. Few people call these Muslim Acts as religious fanaticism and madness. But even if it were madness, there was a method in it ! And the method in this Muslim madness was so horrible that, with the mistaken Hindu neglect of this so-called religious fanaticism , the Hindu nation came to have a perpetual bleeding sore. For , as a matter of fact the religious fanaticism of the Muslims was not madness at all, it was an effective method of increasing the Muslim population with special regard to the unavoidable laws of nature. The same law of nature is instinctively obeyed by the animal world. If in the cattle herds the number of oxen grows in excess of the cows , the herds do not grow numerically in a rapid manner. But on the other hand, the number of animals in the herds, with the excess of cows over the oxen grows in mathematical progression. The same is true of man, for at the core man is essentially an animal. Even in the pre-historic times the so-called wild tribes of the forest dwellers knew this law quite well. That is why today also Muslims always have polygamy. This very natural law was adopted and obeyed openly by the aggressive but numerically poor African Muslim armies and their chiefs while attacking the major populations of North Africa. Same was repeated by Arabs, Afghans when they were victorious in Hindusthan because to carry away the women of others and to ravish them is itself the supreme religious duty of the Muslim. This was considered the noble act which increased their number . After Sindh the Arab did not attempt another invasion of India, yet the Arab bands did come here along with other Muslim armies and like these Arabas, all those newly converted people like the Persians (Turanians, Afghans, the Turks, Moghuls and others fell on India with all the ferocity at their command. Obviously they had not brought their million of women fold along with them. But all those from the Sultans to the common soldiers as a rule, began to settle down here with the kidnapped Hindu women, whom they either married or simply kept as their concubines. Let alone the vast numbers of Hindu women of high as well as low ranks who led the most ignoble of lives in the harems of the Emperors, Sultans or Navabs, but almost every Muslim kept at least three or four such forcibly polluted women. Thus the women in this aggressive Muslim community came to be more numerous than the men, and polygamy being an accepted practice sanctioned by their religion, these foreign Muslim communities began to grow rapidly year after year, from a few thousand to millions and more. An interesting point to note is that Sultan Ghiyasd-din Tughlak, Sultan Shikandar, Sultan Phiroz-Shah Tughlak and many other devilish Hindu-haters were borne of Hindu mothers".


The Muslim women never feared retribution or punishment at the hands of any Hindu for their heinous crime. They had a perverted idea of women chivalry. If in a battle the Muslims won, they were rewarded for such crafty and deceitful conversions of Hindu women, but even if the Hindus carried the field and a Hindu power was established in that particular place the Muslim men alone, if at all suffered the consequential indignities but the Muslim women - never " Only Muslim men, and not women, were taken prisoners. Muslim women were sure that even in the thick of battles and in the confusion wrought just after then neither the Victor Hindu Chiefs, nor any of their common soldiers, not even any civilian would ever touch their hair. For albeit enemies and atrocious, they were women ! Hence even when they were taken prisoner in battles the Muslim women, royal ladies as also the commonest slaves, - were invariably sent back safe and sound to their respective families ! Such incidents were common enough in those times. And this act was glorified by the Hindus as their chivalry towards the enemy women and the generosity of their religion ! For a sample, read the following incidents.

Even now we proudly refer to the noble acts of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Chimaji Appa, when they honourably sent back the daughter-in-law of the Muslim Governor of Kalyan and the wife of the Portuguese governor of Bassein respectively. But is it not strange that, when they did so, neither Shivaji nor Chimaji should ever remember the atrocities and the rapes and the molestation, perpetrated by Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, Alla-ud-in Khilji and others, on thousands of Hindu ladies and girls like the princesses of Dahir, Kamaldevi, the wife of Karnaraj of Karnawati and her extremely beautiful daughter, Devaldev. Did not the plaintive screams and pitiful lamentations of the millions of molested Hindu women, which reverberated throughout the length and breadth of the country reach the ears of Shivaji Maharaj and Chimaji Appa ? The souls of those millions of aggrieved women might have perhaps said, "Do not forget O, your Majesty, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and O ! You excellency, Chimaji Appa, the unutterable atrocities and oppression and outrage committed on us by the Sultans and Muslim noblemen and thousands of others, big and small. Let those Sultans and their peers take a fright that in the event of a Hindu victory our molestation and detestable lot shall be avenged on the Muslim women. Once they are haunted with this dreadful apprehension, that the Muslim women, too, stand in the same predicament in case the Hindus win, the future Muslim conquerors will never dare to think of such molestation of Hindu women". But because of the then prevalent perverted religious ideas about chivalry to women, which ultimately proved highly detrimental to the Hindu community , neither Shivaji Maharaj nor Chimaji Appa could do such wrongs to the Muslim women. It was the suicidal Hindu idea of chivalry to women which saved the Muslim women (simply because they were women) from the heavy punishments of committing indescribable sins and crimes against the Hindu women. Their womenhood became their shield quite sufficient to protect them. Still worse was the ridiculous idea, which the Hindus of those times entertained, that it was a sin to convert a Muslim woman to Hinduism. They foolishly thought that to have any sort of relations with a Muslim women meant their own conversion to Islam. Naturally, even in the midst of a Hindu community and the Hindu State they were secure against any attempt by the Hindus at abducting them or their forcible conversion to Hinduism. Exceptions however were very rare. Under these circumstances, the Muslim feminine class was left serphically free from any chastisement or penalty for their share of the crimes against the Hindu women world. Suppose if from the earliest Muslim invasion the Hindus also whenever they were victors on the battlefields, had decided to pay the Muslim fair sex in the same coin or punished them in some other ways i.e. by conversion even with force, and then absorbed them in their fold, then ? Then with this horrible apprehension at their heart they would have desisted from their evil designs against any Hindu lady. If they had taken such a fright in the first two or three centuries, million and millions of luckless Hindu ladies would have been saved all their indignities, loss of their own religion, rapes, ravages and other unimaginable persecutions. Our women-world would not have suffered such a tremendous numerical loss, which means their future progeny would not have been lost permanently to Hinduism and the Muslim population could not have thrived so audaciously. Without any increase in their womenfold the Muslim populations would have dwindled into a negligible minority. But with the fantastic idea of chivalry to enemy women and a blind eye to time, place or person, the Hindus of that period, never tried to chastise the Muslim women folk for their wrongs to Hindu women, even when the former were many a time completely at their mercy. Well, did this misplaced chivalrous idea of the Hindus have any salutary effect on their Muslim foes ? Were the latter ever ashamed of their sin of molesting a Hindu women in view of this Hindu religious generosity and high mindedness ? Did the Muslims ever sincerely feel thankful to Hindus for the safe return of thousands of Muslim women to their own kith and kin ? Never ! On the contrary they again and again reciprocated Hindu chivalrous behaviour with the same old treachery and atrocity, and thus held it to ridicule and scorn. On the contrary the Muslims were puffed perhaps with the thought that if at all the Hindus were to show chivalry to anybody, it should have been to their own Hindu women ! It was they who had the first right to such a chivalrous treatment ! But if the Hindus could not rescue thousands of their own women who were being abducted, polluted, and forced into Islamic religion, in their very presence, through centuries, why should the Muslims not ridicule the Hindu chivalrous idea of civility to women, even enemy women ? On the contrary they perhaps thought that the Hindus dared not hink of violating or even insulting the Muslim women for fear of horrible reprisals. Thus they were more likely to misconstrue the Hindu idea of chivalry, than interpret it in the right sense, as to have been borne of cowardice than of strength and bravery.


When Shoorpanakha, another she-demon, rushed to eat away Seeta like cucumber, Laxman deprived her of nose and ears and sent her back - not honourably with generous gifts of ornaments to show off his chivalry to women ! When Narakasur carried away thousands of Aryan women to his Asur Kingdom Shrikrishna marched upon demon and killed him in the war. But he did not stopped with military and political defeat he inflicted on Narkasur he rescued all the thousand of imprisoned Aryan female, undergoing all sorts of humiliations there, and brought them back to his own kingdom and thus took a social revenge ! Shree Krishna's army did not forsake their kinsowmen, simply because they were forcibly polluted and violated - a dastardly thought which he never entertained for a minute. On the contrary Shrikrishna as the Bhoopati brought all the sixteen thousand or more women to his kingdom, rehabilitated them honorably and took upon himself, the responsibility of feeding and protecting them. This very act of Krishna, as the Bhoopati , has been fantastically construed by the writers of the Puranas as to describe him the husband of those thousands of women. He was later thought to have married all of them.

In the post puranik period also the Hindus , right from the Samants to common citizens married unhesitatingly , Yavan, Saka or Hun women. The nation was valiant enough to absorb not only the progeny of those enemy women but the whole enemy communities in their own and leave no trace of their origin behind !. Is it necessary to add that these 'cow-faced' followers of Hinduism, proud of their utmost tolerance of other religions were not (in the least) likely to hit back the tiger-faced Muslims on religious grounds ?

Religious tolerance ! Virtue ! Yes, It can be a virtue only where the other religion is tolerant of our own ! But to tolerate the Muslim religion, the followers of which right from the Sultans like Mahmud of Ghazni and Ghori and others to the various Shahs and Badshahs thought it their religious obligation to massacre the Kafir Hindus to celebrate their accession to the throne and had been carrying on horrible religious persecution of the Hindus for nearly a thousand years, was tantamount to cut the throat of one's own religion ! It was not tolerance towards other religions, it was tolerance of irreligion ! It was not even tolerance, it was impotence ! But this truth never dawned upon the Hindu society of those days even after the horrible experience of a thousand years or so. They on their own part went on tolerating even such a heinous religion as the Islam and considered it a glorious virtue of their own - a special ornament in the crown of the Hindu community !

O thou Hindu society ! Of all the sins and weaknesses, which have brought about thy fall, the greatest and most potent are thy virtues themselves.

Remember every virtuous act done without the least regard to the propriety of the persons concerned - without the least thought whether the other person deserves such noble treatment or not - becomes a glaring vice most harmful to the true religion.

Courtesy of Savarkar Darshan

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Take over of Temples- US Hindus to file Petition against GOI

Take over of Temples- US Hindus to file Petition against GOI in Supreme Court
20/12/2007 14:19:12 HCINA Press Release (news courtsey

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, December 18, 2007: A meeting of Hindu religious leaders, intellectual leaders, academics and activists has decided to file a petition against the Indian Government in the Supreme Court of India against the taking over of the management of temples in India by the government. A unanimous resolution to this effect was passed at the end of the three days of the Second biennial Hindu Dharma Summit, convened by the Hindu Collective Initiative of North America (HCINA). The HCINA is a collaborative body of 80 large Hindu organizations and temples across the US, formed in August 2005. Its mission statement is "To serve as a collective body of Hindu organizations including temples in North America; to facilitate networking and collaboration to address issues of common concern and benefits; and to co-ordinate collective initiatives to promote the understanding, practice and propagation of Hindu Dharma and culture through proper education and public policy."

The HCINA general secretary, Ved Prakash Chaudhary, said a meeting would be held in New Delhi next year, when a petition would be filed against the government's decision to take over the management of Hindu temples. "Why they are taking control of only Hindu temples and siphoning off the money to the treasury? Why they do not take over the management of a gurudwara, a mosque or a church? Most of us felt that this is the situation that we have to take up seriously," Chaudhary said. Various alternative models were discussed during the meeting including the option of a Hindu Develaya Prabandhak Committee that would manage the temples.

Leading Hindus came from all over the globe to participate. The conference was planned and hosted by Hindu University of America.

The Summit leaders agreed that the Government of India should be paying more attention to the human rights issues in Kashmir, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan - where thousands of Hindus are involved. "We would soon be approaching the Government of India in this regard," Chaudhary said.

The Dharma Summit - 2007 also decided to constitute a committee of Hindu academicians and teachers to prepare a supplementary text book material for schools in the United States. These supplemental books would be distributed to teachers and schools all over the US so that a true picture is presented to the students about Hinduism and Indian culture.

There were sessions on various other topics including one coordinated by youth relating to youth issues such as inter-faith marriages, effect on family, progeny and culture and accepting non-Hindus as Hindus.

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Call for Hindu Unity by KHNA Chairman Sri Udayabhanu Panickar


This is the full text of the speech by KHNA Chairman Udayabhanu Panickar at Pranav Nagar on July 1, 2007 during the inauguration ceremony of the fourth Kerala Hindu Convention.

AUM poornamadh Poornamidam

Poornath poornamudachyathe

Poornasya poornamaadaya


Aum Shanthi, shanthi, Shanthi.

In the early seventies, we the first generation immigrants from the land of the enlightened, the land known for thousands and thousands of years as bhaaratvarSh, landed here in the USA with little finance, a strong mind, a power full heart and hard work as our investment. (Of course a lot of us got that heart in trouble by eating a lot of flesh.) But, we survived, we prospered, we, almost everyone become somebody.

As many other first generation immigrent community, we lagged behind in our spiritual efforts. In the course of the quest for survival and struggle to bring up a family, we did not have enough time to peruse in that direction. We were also not fully equipped for that kind of a challenge. Even the efforts we made lacked much of the power to establish a good base, as most of us were not experts or experienced in our Spiritual Science. Our limited knowledge were even tainted and influenced by the western religions and culture. A lot of our Spiritual Theorems got diluted and corrupted and a lot of us believed those corrupted ones to be true. Some of us believed that our Spirituality is not good enough. Even while we were back home, a good number of us got over exposed to the western culture and religion and under exposed to our Spirituality. Above all we had our petty and silly differences which prevented us from making a real effort in educating our children others and ourselves about the real values of our Culture and Spirituality.

A lot of people think that our Spirituality lags behind the religions of the world, or at least they are only on a par with those Semitic Religions. But that is not the fact. I refuse to even think that “The Science of The Absolute”, as Nataraja Guru named our Spirituality, lags behind any religion. Our Spiritual Science is full of resources to strengthen ourselves and empower us to prosper in every aspect of life anywhere in this world and beyond, most certainly even beyond heaven.

A lot of damage has been done to the reputation of our history and to the minds and self respect of our children through the school systems of this country in the name of “true history” by the so-called experts and intellectuals on our history, Culture and Spirituality. Most of those “so-called and self styled experts” and intellectuals were people like us, the immigrants; and those who came here in the disguise of education and stayed on to become self styled experts on our Spirituality & history, pluralists, secularists and some of them even evangelists. In fact they are all self-styled experts who has no knowledge of any of the Great works of our Spiritual Science, “The Science of The Absolute”, or our Culture or our “real history”.

Thanks to American Hindu Foundation for taking the first step in correcting the wrongs done to our Culture, History and Spirituality by the so-called experts through the California School textbooks.

In our younger years, we learned from the school history books that our country of origin became free in 1947. But it looks like our land of origin is still under the rule of western forces, Financially, Culturally, Spiritually and even politically. Look at the Multi-National companies flourishing there. Look at the Cultural and Spiritual enslavement through TV, Movies and other Media. Look at who owns those Media Houses. You will really be surprised. Look at the political structure of the country. Look at the "who is who" of the government that rules the country, which should be called bhaaratvarSh. Look at the two rupee and one rupee coin the Government brought out with an icon of a western religious symbol on them. The influence began thousands of year’s back and it is still in force. More influencing forces are added to it on a war footing. You can see proof of it in the activities of groups such as “Joshua 2000”, “Mandate 2000”, “Harvesting the crop of souls” and statements made by the leaders of such and other evangelizing institutions. Even some of the evangelists’ wants to operate their evangelization institutions right in side our temples.

They have hundreds of such institutions right by the side or very close to our Temples. Most of it are built either on the land gotten from the ruling elite of the time, be it the kings of the past or be the present day politicians of the left and the right political alliances, or on the land grabbed by them under the pretax of secularism, minority benefits or religious freedom.

The money and matter we donate to our Institutions of Spirituality is for the service to the poor. But, look what is happening! Major part of it are stolen by politicians or diverted to people who don’t believe in our Spirituality, and even to the people who tarnish our Spirituality day in and day out trying to propagate their believes and ways to our people.

We were made to believe that our ancestry was and is divided. That believes actually divided us into religions, chaathur varnyam, castes and sub-castes. We discriminated against our own people thinking that some of us are inferior and some of us are superior. This division made us hate and distrust each other. The wounds of that division are still with us even in this land. We can still hear the echoes of the demeaning and insulting remarks even here in the USA made by our own people against our own people. WE MUST, I emphasize very much WE MUST over come this. And we have to see that more divisions are not created.

Luckily we have a good number of spiritual personalities who re-educated us on our Spiritual Science, “The Science of The Absolute”. I like to mention the names of two such Great people whom I consider to be the representation of the parabrahmmam in this universe. They devised ways and means to create the unity and friendship we need. They did it with there own life. But, it is a shame that we even argue and create friction and division within our community in their name. Those two great people were Shree Narayana Gurudevan and Shree Chattampi Swamikal. There are many more. But I only bring out these two names as I can relate to them more than others in that list. I grow up with some of the people who knew both of those Great Rishi personally. And they told me how great friends and comrades those two were and what a great brotherly relation they had.

Let us follow the ways those two shown us. Let us learn the Spiritual Germs they left for us. Let us not fight in their name. I can tell you with confidence that if we can learn the essence of at least daivadeShakam, the simplest of Shree Narayana Gurudevan's Spiritual Germ, our unity will be very easy to be achieved.

We need Unity and we need it soon. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of separation and segregation to the sunlit path of unity for us. Now is the time to lift our community from the sinking ship of disunity to the forefront of the spiritual awakening based on equality among all of us?

Now is the time for us to make a real effort for unity. Now is the time to forget the petty differences of caste and regionalism. Now is the time for us to come out of the clutches of the dividing forces and join together. It is the time for laying down a strong foundation for a real unity of our community for the future of our children and our samskrithi in this land of Freedom, Liberty and Opertunity.

This is also very much applicable to our land of origin. It is the time for all our people there in Keralam also to unite.

But there is something that I must say to you all, in the process of gaining our unity and rightful place we must not be guilty of wrong deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for unity by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred for people who are opposed to us. We must forever conduct our struggle for unity on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative endeavor for unity to degenerate into any kind of injustice to others. Or we must not indulge in any kind of violence physical or physiological. But at the same time, we must oppose every effort to degrade and tarnish our Culture, our Spirituality and our GOAL OF UNITY. We must oppose every such effort with all our might and defeat them, here and back in the land of our origin. Never hesitate a bit.

As the events pass by at this Pranav Nagar, the venue of the Convention, for the next three days, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead towards the goal of ours, a united, friendly and service oriented community. That community must be willing to help the ones in need, but also ready to question the wrong doings of anyone, within or without. We cannot turn back. Let us make a promise to ourselves that we shall not turn back and we will unite.

My dear friends, I have a Vision, rather a dream, a dream where all our people, will treat each other and others with love, respect and equality. I have a dream that all others will treat us also with love, respect and equality. I have a dream that soon we will be able to learn and let others learn our Spirituality, “The Science of The Absolute”, and understand its’ true meaning with the help of correct interpretation. I have a dream that soon we will be able to let the world know the true value of our Culture and Spirituality. I have a dream that the helping hand we extended to the fifty poor students back in Keralam for their higher education will continue and grow into a good source of education for the poor of our community there. This is my Vision for KHNA and I hope you all have even better vision than mine. With my limited ability and tiny capacity, I tried to make a little move in this direction. I hope the future leaders of KHNA shall make much more and real progress and move on to higher levels of achievements.

I urge you all, who are here and all those who are not here to join together and learn our Spirituality, “The Science of The Absolute”, the Brhmavidya Shatram, and create the Unity we need and do the service our poor brothers and sisters back home needs.

Thank you all.

(I am indebted and great full to the great civil rights leader Mr Martin Luther King for portions of this speech.)