Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Save Ram Sethu!

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.
An Emergency Call to Save RAM SETHU! CLICK HERE

Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) will destroy Ram Sethu and turn the Gulf of Mannar into an Ecological disaster.

We are sending out this S.O.S. to you in the hope that we can all come together in body, mind or prayer to help Save Ram Sethu.

The Supreme Court of India is hearing the Sethusamudram (SSCP) case from July 22 to July 29, 2008. The Indian Government headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has filed an affidavit seeking permission to go ahead with the SSCP and submitting that the archaeological survey (ASI) is not important. The Government's turnaround - considering it had earlier suggested that the ASI is imperative – clearly indicates that the Government seems to be in a rush to execute a project that was first conceived not less than 144 years ago!

If the Supreme Court passes this case, the dredging of Ram Sethu is expected to begin right away. There are unconfirmed reports that Ram Sethu might be blasted with dynamite if dredging becomes difficult on the rough sea.

Save Ram Sethu Campaign takes strong exception to a wholly incorrect interpretation -an extreme distortion – of Hindu scriptures by lawyer Fali S. Nariman, who represented the Government of India before the Supreme Court on July 22 and reportedly quoted from “Kamba Ramayana” and "Padmapurana" and said that the destruction of the bridge by Lord Rama is mentioned therein.

Aside from the distastefulness of a lawyer of Mr. Nariman’s stature distorting Hindu scriptures in an attempt to obtain favorable orders, Mr. Nariman’s reference to Lord Rama as “superman” is blasphemous, scurrilous and an extreme distortion which we find insulting to our Hindu faith. Mr. Nariman should retract his statements and apologize to the Hindus.

Some months ago, the lawyers representing the Government had shocked the entire world by making a submission to the Supreme Court denying the very existence of Lord Rama. Now it has come up with a distorted interpretation from “Kamba Ramayana” and "Padmapurana" to justify the destruction of Ram Sethu for the sake of the SSCP. It seems to escape the Government’s attention that historically or otherwise Ram Sethu is associated with Lord Rama and sacred to millions of Hindus in India and abroad.

We must act now to protect our sacred heritage from greedy, mindless destruction. We are imploring you to do the right thing - and the right thing is preserving Ram Sethu for current and future generations. Men with machines can destroy in minutes what can never be replaced. Do we want to be remembered as the people who were able to stop the destruction, or the people who allowed it to proceed?
We are a proud and ancient civilization and we must rise to the occasion against all impossibilities. We must salvage and wrest our rightful and magnificent heritage from the forces of ignorance, arrogance and greed.

When the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan statues, the world reacted with horror at their act of barbarism. What the Indian Government proposes to do to Ram Sethu is no less barbaric.

This threat to our religion is more than real and right on our threshold!

We are looking for one million supporters willing to take a stand and not allow a syndicate of politicians and vested interests defile our sacred heritage. Can we count on you? Click here to send a letter to the Prime Minister and to the Supreme Court of India.

Please call Indian Government representatives, Embassies and High Commissions in your area and register your opposition by phone and fax.
Please forward this to others, especially the youth, and ask them to get involved in protecting our religion.

Let the Indian Government know that destroying our Religious heritage for the profit of a few is unethical and the Government has no right to indiscriminately & selectively destroy it. Ram Sethu is our heritage and our history and we owe its protection and preservation to our future generations. The world is waiting and watching.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Marxist ministers try to change Tradition in Guruvayur

Bhagavane Guruvayoorappa ! Pranams to all Bhakthas ,

Guruvayoor Devaprasnam had predicted that, one Temple elephant would die shortly . See the last point no.61 which is given below). Yesterday , the Elephant Unnikrishnan died after being struck by lightning . See Photo Below

The recent ill-omens have confirmed that , things are not going well in Guruayoor . The atheist Devaswom Board is willfully corrupting the sacred "Kshetra Acharas" ( Temple Traditions) . Guruvayoorappa-Bhaktas are worried about their dearest Temple and are ardently praying for Bhagavan's divine intervention to save it .

Evil Conspiracy

Some of the recent evil activities of the atheists dominated Guruvayoor Devaswam Board, are listed below for your information :

The sacred temple-art "Krishnanattam" ( which must be staged only in Guruvayoor Temple because Bhagavan enters the stage when it is played ) was staged outside

2 days back, ie, in the Guest house to entertain "cultural" minister M.A.Baby , revenue Minister Rajendran and their gang of atheists . I don't want to pollute the space here by detailing about these "VIPs" and the Desecration of "Krishnanattam" .

Unauthorized moves to replace the 100 year old Deepasthambam . ( Though the Board denies it in public , the fraud is in the final stage) .

Efforts to create divisions within the "Thanthri" family in order to overocme the objections of authorized Thanthri Brahmasree Chennas Raman Namboodirippadu .

Sabotaging the "Pariharakriyas" ( Atonements stated in Devaprasnam) .

Repeated non-compliance of Guruvayoorappan's will ( Which were revealed in Devaprasnam. See the details below) .

This situation is most serious . Atheists have seized control of the Temple and they are pretending as "well wishers" . They are conspiring to desecrate the Temple in order to promote Communism .

Wake up Bhakthas

Our most powerful weapon is " Samooha Prarthana" ( group prayers) . We all must beg to Guruvayoorappan for His direct intervention to crush the Temple destroyers and save the Temple.

May Guruvayoorappan listen to our prayers !!!!

Devaprasnam results at Guruvayur

dated 8-Nov-2007 .
Krishna, Guruvayoorappa ! , Dear Bhakthas ,

The Eight day long Guruvayoor "Ashtmangala Devaprasnam" was successfully completed yesterday ( 07 Nov. ) .

What was performed yesterday was verifying Guruvayoorappan's will on the proposed remedial measures . As solution to each of the discovered shortcomings , an offering was proposed with a prayer to the concerned Devatha , and verified His/Her acceptance or rejection, through the analysis of "Rasi" .

1. At first , praying Guruvayoorappan , it was proposed to submit at His Sopanam, "Bhadradeepam" in Silver pot with "Suvarnakshatha" inside it , Palpayasam worth Rs.1001, "Thrikkaivenna" , "Thrumudimala" , Milk, and Sugar . These will be submitted by the Temple's Ooralan , Othikkanmar , Keezh-Shaanthis, and Other traditional Staff . And after submitting it they all will admit their mistakes to Bhagavan , apologize to Him , and prostrate at His feet , seeking Bhagavan's forgiveness . In the "Rasi" , "Vyazham" ( Guru) was found in the 9th house . This auspicious revelation confirmed that , Guruvayoorappan is satisfied with the proposed Offerings and Remedial Measures .

2. In the Mammiyoor Temple , "Rudradhara" & "Pinvilakku" to Siva, "Palpayasam" to Vishnu , and relevant offerings to the other Devathas in Mammiyoor and to the Deities in associated Temples , other nearby Temples, Kannur Idakkad Temple, and Irinjalakkuda Koodal Manikyam Temple , were proposed . It was found to be acceptable to Them .

Remedial Measures

The following Remedial measures were proposed and found to be acceptable to Bhagavan and the Upadevathas :

1. The Defective Golden Flag Pole shall be replaces with a New one , within next (13) months .

2. In the Devawom Guest house compound , a "Valkannadi " ( Mirror Image) to be consecrated on the "Karimkali Thara"( Platform for Karimkali Deity) . And yearly Pooja to be offered there after laying Padmam ( lotus) .

3. On the Ekadasi day , the procession to the East should halt at it's previous end point " Theeyyar Ambalam" , offer salutations there before proceeding to the Parthasarathy Temple for "Irakkiyezhunnallathu" .

4. To eliminate the "Sarpa-Dosham" ( ill-effects caused by Serpents) , a golden Sepent-image , and "Puttum" shall be submitted at "Pambumekkavu Mana " ( Temple-Abode of Serpents) .

5. Symbolic Offering of Elephant to be performed .

6. To eliminate the ill- effects for the misdeeds of all those associated with the Temple , Devaswom board should conduct every year, "Maha-Sudarshana Homam" ( 96,000 chants) , "Thila-havanam" (1,00,000 chants) , "Sukrutha-Homam" and 12 days long "Ganapthy-Homams" . Also , "Kalkachikichuttu" ( with 108 "Ashtothara shatanamam") and "Vilichucholli-prayachittham" will be carried out . As a remedy for various types of Curses , "Murahomam" will be performed every year . Also "Maha-Mrithunjaya Homam" and "Bhagavathy Seva" shall be performed every year .

7. Every year , a "Sukrutha-Homam" shall be performed with 24, 000 chants of Gayathri-Manthra , to increase the "Sukrutha" of Temple .

8. Thanthri , himself shall decide and perform his "Prayachittham" ( atonement) to Bhagavan .

9. Any money offered on the "Thrippadi" ( step to Sreekovil) , belongs to Bhagavan .

10. As an atonement of Go-sapa ( Curse of Cows) it was first proposed to offer a Cow to Bhagavathy . But , it was not found sufficient . So , a golden image of Cow will be offered to Bhagavathy .

Note :
It was re-confirmed that , Bhagavan does not accept any amendment to the existing "Kshetra-Acharas" .

Before , the conclusion of Devaprasnam two Members of the Devaswom Managing Committee raised objections . Mr. M.M.Vasudevan alleged that , some of the findings and remedial measures revealed in the Devaprasnam will pull us to 200 years back just for the sake of Acharas . Prof. T.R. Harry stated that , the Girl-students in his college had asked him whether Churidar could be permitted in side the Temple .

The Lead Jyothishi , Padmanabha Sharma calmly pointed out that , the Dress Codes of Educational institutions are not suitable for Temple . While coming to the Temple for Darshan , all Bhakthas should follow the Dress Code that is prescribed for the Temple . He reiterated that , Guruvayoorappan rejects all sorts of changes to the time-proven "Kshetra-Acharas" . Also , he invited all skeptics to come to the dais to have a debate on the basis of Vedic Injunctions .

The above said , two Members ( who are Marxist Nominees in the Director Board) started yelling "Times have progressed . Churidar must be allowed inside the Temple " .

This infuriated the Bhakthas present there . They declared in one voice " What matters is Guruvayoorappan's will alone . And not the wishes of Others . We do not need Bhagavan-Haters in Guruvayoor Temple , anymore " .

As the situation became vociferous , and the mentioned Atheists were looking for an escape route , Padmanabha Sharma , the Lead Jyothishi pacified the Bhakthas , assuring them that Guruvayoorappan's will shall prevail .
Findings ( 31 Oct. -- 06 Nov. ) .


Bhagavan is upset over the violation of "Kshethra Acharas" , Desecration of Temple , Immoral activities inside the Temple , etc by God-haters . Possible,

Bomb/Fire/Riot might cause mass killing in or outside the Temple .

Thanthri is Bhagavan's Representative . What he says is to be accepted by everyone .

Golden Flag Pole is defective . Temple- Elephants may pull it down .

No entry to Non-Hindus . Only those having full faith in Deity worship and Kshethra-Acharas , shall enter the Temple.

No change in the Temple's Dress Code . Churidar is unacceptable . It has already caused violence by Elephants . It's continuation will cause death and destruction to all responsible for it .

Upadeva Ganesha's Moorthy and Temple are defective . Renovation , required for His Temple .

Bhgagavan's Cows were stolen and killed . Serious Go-Shapa will cause calamities .
Guruvayoor Temple should be treated as an important Shrine in the whole Country and any adverse thing happening to the Temple would have its fallout on the entire Nation .

Deratiled Findings

1. Bhagavan stressed the need to rectify certain structural defects found in the golden Flag Pole of the Temple . It's foundation is damaged due to the attack of insects . Flag Pole is the abode of Bhagavan's vehicle Garuda . It has been dislocated and tilted . If one measures from it's footing to "veeraknadam" (upper portion) , the dislocation can be found out . if the defective Flag Pole is not replaced with a new one , the present Flag Pole will be pulled down by Temple Elephants .

2. Bhagavan wants the Temple to set up Facilities for the study of Sanskrit and Vedas . The Vedas are very important to Guruvayoor Temple . Necessary Facilities should be provided for higher education of Sanskrit .

3. Ordinary Bhaktas should not face any hurdle in worshipping Bhagavan due to restrictions made in the name of VIP visits . At present , such difficulties exist and certain Temple staff are behaving rudely with the Bhkthas . This is absolutely unacceptable . Bhagavan is always pleased by the Bhakthy of Common man .

4. Bhagavan does not want , more than one `Udayasthamana Pooja' in a day .

5. The Building in side the Temple premises can be taller than the Temple . But it's floor level should be lower than that of Temple . On such floor , any number of storeys can be constructed . This has no relation with the height of Flag Pole . Considering the roads around the Temple as boundary limits, this condition should be adhered to .

6. Materials once used for "Thulabharam" can be used again . However, the decayed materials should not be used .

7. The water from the "Manikkinar" ( Temple's well ) , can be used for Thulabharam .

8. The future of Bhagavan's presence in Guruvayoor Temple is bright . The present unpleasant issues can be resolved by "Prayrachitham" (Atonement rituals) . These remedial measures must be completed within one year .
( Note - : Some Devotees brought to the Jyothishis' attention , criticisms in the media against the Jyothishis . But the Jyothishis preferred not to discuss it with Bhagavan . They stated " This Devaprasnam is being conducted strictly according to the Scriptural Injunctions and associated Vedic Shaastras . We are ready to answer any doubts on this . In stead of that , if some one wants to arrest us , we are helpless . )

The "Suvarna-Dwajam" ( Golden Flag Pole ) is not vertical and it is in damaged condition . It's present position too is not correct . This may cause Serious Dangers .

Thanthri ( Temple-Acharya ) is not issuing necessary instructions on time. He feels that, what he says will upset the concerned Authorities ; especially since , what he told in the past were ignored totally . Bhagavan is furious over this situation .

Some Devotees pointed out that , Udayastamana Pooja is performed for a single person only ; And therefore is it necessary to close and open the Sreekovil-Door for it ? .

Bhagavan replied that , Poojas are not for one Person only . More Udayasthamana Poojas and Thanthric rites are for increasing the `Deva Ƨhaithanyam' (aura) .

The "Pillaru-Thalappoly " ( Ritualistic Offerings on a plate , by children) , being conducted by the local group , is very satisfying to Bhagavathy ( Upadevi , Durga) .

The Turmeric powder being offered to Bhagavathy , has less purity .
Bhagavathy does not need "Kunkuma-archana" .

In the Devawom guest house , a "Karimkaalithara" ( platform for `Karimkaali –Deity ' ) is to be provided .

A particular person from the " Othikkan " (Traditional Poojari) family, is continuously showing disrespect to the position of Thanthri . Bhagavan is upset over this . If this is not stopped immediately , there will be dire consequences .

In the previous Devawom Cow-Shelter "Kaaveedu" , some Cows were killed . In order to avoid it's ill-effects in the new Cow-Shelter , "Kalasa Pooja" and other atonements to be performed for Bhagavathy .

Some "KeezhShaantis" ( Assistant Poojaris) are not maintaining the necessary personal purity, required for Poojas . This is repeated many times . This will cause calamities in the "Thidappally" ( Platform in front of Sanctum Sanctorum) itself .

Some Temple Staff are not performing their duties properly and are shifting it's blame to others . They are going for other assignments that fetches better income . Also , there is serious infighting among the Staff .

Quoting verses from the "Kapilopadesa in Bhagavatham" , Justice Radhakrishna Menon raised doubts about the previous days revelations on rejection of Churidar . The Jyothishis re-confirmed with evidence that, Bhagavan does not like any amendment to the time-proven "Kshetra-Aachaaras" , in such unauthorized ways .
Change in Dress Code

( History : On 27th July, Guruvayur Devaswom had relaxed the traditional Temple Dress code to allow Women Devotees to wear Churidar inside the Temple . Earlier, women could wear only dresses such as sari, set-mundu, half-sari and skirt and blouse to the Temple. Even if women wore kurtas to the shrine, they had to wear a `mundu' over the pyjamas. However , soon after the Marxist led agitations seeking amendment of "Kshetra Aachaaras' ( Temple customs) , the Marxist Devaswom Board President announced his decision to allow Churidar inside the Temple. Later this matter was taken up in the Board meeting wherein the Thantri sated his objection .

But, the Board flatly refused to revoke it's public announcement and ordered the Thantri to shut up.)

In the wake of Guruvayoorappan's objections to the changes in `Kshetra-Acharas ` , the recent change in Dress code was checked on the fifth day of `Devaprasnam' .

During the `Acharyavaranakriya' , when a new cloth was brought , the Board Official instructed to cut it and fetch a small piece out of it . When the cloth was cut , it became ` Gana-vastra' which according to Jyothisha is used for post-death rituals . Based on this `nimitham' ( divine syndrome) , Jyothishis analysed further to find out Bhagavan's will . And the following was revealed :

Devaswam officials had issued a strict instruction to the Thanthri and all concerned to allow Churidar inside the Temple .

Thanthri was not allowed to raise his objection . Because of this , he could not seek Bhagavan's permission or conduct the Social Prayer necessary for seeking Bhagavan's consent for the change of ` Aachaara `. Therefore , instead of a natural change , Dewaswam's will was imposed on Thantri and Bhagavan . Next day, onwards Women started entering the Temple wearing Churidar which was unacceptable to Bhagavan . This resulted in the violent behavior of Temple-Elephants , Falling down of ` Thidambu'( Festival Deity) , etc . If this non-obedience is continued, it will be harmful to the Person wearing the Churidar and their families . It could result in premature deaths . Even, it could even harm the human kind as a whole .

Guruvayoorappan wants His Bhaktas to wear simple traditional dress inside the Temple . Dresses like Churidar is `paradesi ` ( foreign) , which is unacceptable to Bhagavan.

Devaswom Shelters for Old and Orphan Bhakthas
Bhagavan reiterated His desire to accommodate and protect His Old and Orphan Bhakthas in a Shelter which should be constructed by Devaswom . He pointed out that , according to His instructions earlier , daily `Prasada Ooottu `( Feeding of the Bhakthas) was started for 500 Bhakthas . Now it is provided daily for 5000 Bhakthas . Likewise , the Shelter will also be a success . While this was discussed , Bhagavatha Hamsam Malliyoor Shankaran Namboothiri ( Guruvayoorappan's legendary Bhakta) , entered the dais of Devaprasnam . Jyothishis found this as the divine omen of Bhagavan''s presence there and Bhaktavalsala's compassion for His Devotees .

In near future, the cloth of a person arriving for Darshan will be caught fire in the Temple . Also, in the Temple premises , one's wife will be killed by an Elephant or Cow .

Devaswom Board must consider `Krishnanaattam' (which is very dear to Bhagavan) , as Sacred . In last two years , during Vijayadasami , the 9 days long `Krishnanaattam' is not conducted by Devaswam Board . Devotees are offering it .

Devaswam must conduct this with faith .

The "Koothambalam" (Auditorium for Temple Arts) is as important as the Temple . It must be cleaned daily and an Oil lamp to be lit there .

The continuing atonement for removing the previous Temple-Acharyas Puliyannoor

Family long back , to be performed properly . It is not carried out decently now .
The Garland for Sreekovil , to be prepared in the Temple itself .

Those working inside the Temple , must use decent Language .

Efforts must be made to keep the Temple clean .

The Daily Ritual " Olavaayana " ( A Warrier temple-staff writes the Day's Income and Expenses on a Palm Leaf and Reads it out to Bhagavan before the closure of Temple , every night ) , has been stopped . Instead it is issued in writing to Him , as a token gesture . Bhagavan is furious at this Cheating . Right from tonight (03 Nov) , "Olavaayana" must be resumed .

The existing "Achaaraas'( Rituals and Practices of the Temple) can not be debated and amended by any ` Acharya-Sabha' ( Assembly of Vedic Acharyas and Experts) . They are to be adhered to as it is .

The `Guru-parambara' relationship in the Temple, has been lost .

The `Thidambu' ( Festival Moorthy) has fallen down . For that, `prayachitha' atonement was not done properly .

Bhagavan is unhappy over the financial burden being imposed on His Bhakthas , by
Devaswom Board's frequent increases in the material cost of Offerings .
`Prasadam' is being sold in the Shops outside the Temple.

There are defects in the Moorthy of Ganapathy , the Upadeva . Waste materials are stockpiled inside His temple . His displeasure will cause irritation to the Temple Elephants . Renovation of His temple needs to be done .

The Construction works inside the Temple premises , were carried out without Bhagavan's consent . There are defects in those works . In matters of `Vastu' , the opinions of more than one Expert need to be sought .

The relocated positions of Upadevas are not compatible with that of Flag staff .

There are reductions in the Poojas .

The Temple Pond has become impure . Many deaths have occurred therein already . It is not maintained as Sacred .

Another Temple Pond having the Divine presence, was filled up totally .

The sacred Ashoka tree near the Bhagavathy Temple was cut down . It's atonement needs to be done .

The Coconuts once offered to Bhagavathy are offered to Her again and again to save cost and time . This is unacceptable to Her .

Sastha , the Upadeva is unhappy due to lapses in His rituals .

Although , the Temple Administrators and their Masters will try to block the proposed remedial measures , Bhagavan's grace will help to complete it .

Guruvayoorappan is unhappy over the lapses in the " Kshethra-Acharas" ( Temple-Customs) . As a result, Bomb/Fire/Riots might cause mass deaths inside or just outside the Temple .

`Deva-Chaithanyam' ( aura) is intact on the Deity which is unique .

There will be sharp increase in the inflow of Devotees and Temple revenue .

Guruvayoor Temple should be treated as an important Shrine in the whole Country and any adverse thing happening to the Temple would have its fallout on the entire Nation .

Bhagavan's money is being misused by the concerned Officials .

Certain Staff are involving in `Adharmic' ( unrighteous) activities inside Temple premises .

Entry on Non-Hindus inside Temple , is unacceptable to Bhagavan . Devotees having firm faith in Deity worship and temple customs are the ones to enter the Temple .

The Thanthri ( Acharya of the temple) , is not allowed by the Devaswom Officials to perform his duties properly . Because of this , Bhagavan is unhappy and the Thantri is very sad . Thanthri's Instructions are being ignored by the Administrators .

Therefore, he is not giving anymore instructions .

Temple Officials are misusing the Temple wealth . Both the previous and present Officials are guilty of sinful activities . Some Staff are entering the Temple after consuming Liquor .

There is impurity in the `Nivedaya- items' being offered to Bhagavan .

Bhagvan's favorite , Milk and Plantain Nivedyam have been stopped .

In the Temple's Gokulam , Bhagavan;'s Cows are not looked after properly . Theft and even killing of Cows have occurred . `Go-Sapa' (Curse of Cows) exists .

Within a few months , one Temple Elephant will die .

Please forward this message to as many Bhakthas as possible . Let everyone pray Sree Guruvayoorappan .

Om Namo Narayanaya !!! Please protect us , O Guruvayoor Bhagavan !!!!

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Boycott Jodhaa Akbar Movie.


This is an awareness drive to awake people to boycott movie 'Jodhaa Akbar'.

The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by a mischievous producer/director from Bollywood (Mumbai) to make quick bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindu (Rajput) people. Sonia's (Antonia Maino) Congress government promptly banned 'Da Vinci Code' movie after Christians' protest, but this Secular (?) government is so insensitive about Hindus protest about 'Jodhaa-Akbar' !

Visit - -Hindu Jagruthi

Know true story of Cruel Akbar and Jodhaabai
Know the people behind this conspiracy (The movie crew)
View glimpses of protests
Send this mail to your friends for creating awareness and protecting self-respect.

Shameful Hindus who throng to watch Jodhaa-Akbar, a film which glorifies Hindu hater Cruel Akbar, are worthy of getting killed by Terrorists!
The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by a mischievous producer/director from Bollywood (Mumbai) to make quick bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindu (Rajput) people.

It is a deliberate distortion and pure fabrication of Indian history to glorify Akbar the (so-called) Great in dignified and noble terms. In reality, Akbar, in order to become a Ghazi (a slayer of kaffir – infidel) had cut into pieces his Guru Raja Hemchandra Vikramditya who had taught him how to wield the sword.

In barbarity and brutality, Akbar was so vindictive and merciless that he captured Raja Hemchandra's aged father; and on refusing to accept Islam executed him!

Akbar's grandfather Babar founded the Mughal dynasty. Babar was a direct descendent of Timur Lane from his father Barlas Turk's side and of Chengiz Khan the Mongol from his mother's side.

Akbar was no less tyrant than Timur Lane and Nader Shah. Akbar had a victory tower erected with the heads of the captured/surrendere d army of Raja Hemchandra Vikramaditiya after the second battle of Panipat.

Akbar had ordered massacre of 30,000 plus unarmed captive Hindu peasants after the fall of Chitod on Feb. 24, 1568.

Akbar was the most ungrateful person on Earth. He is alleged to have killed Bairam Khan, his guide and mentor – a Muslim

Despite nearly five centuries of Muslim occupation of India, Rajasthan in 1567 CE was still almost entirely Hindu. Akbar infiltrated the area by marrying into Rajasthan's ruling houses and by steadily capturing various forts on the eastern fringe of Rajputana. But the senior house of Rajasthan, Rana of Mewar proudly refused any alliance with Mughals. Akbar's army started a campaign for Chitod in 1567. When Raja Jai Mal was killed by Muslim army, thousands of Hindu (Rajput) women performed Jauhar (self-immolation) . We hold Akbar guilty of murdering thousands of Hindu women. This was the THIRD JAUHAR IN THE HISTORY OF CHITOD.

It is also an affront to a secular but largely Hindu nation to show an alien Muslim king romancing with a Hindu girl. Akbar was in reality an opportunist, sadist, and immoral person. Officially, Akbar had 300 wives and he is also alleged to have 5000 concubines in his harem. How can such a libertine be considered to have loved his wife?

Hindu Rajputs are a very proud and chivalrous people. Their sacrifices are unparalleled in the annals of Indian history. This movie is a surreptitious attempt to depict Muslim rulers who were followers of a culture alien to the Indians, in a favorable role and demean their native Hindus subjects. This trend to depict Muslim rulers in a magnificent manner was set by K. Asif's movie Mughul-e-Azam. We feel that even after 60 years after Independence, Director Ashutosh Gowarikar of Jodhaa Akbar is still suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

It will be worthwhile if some investigative journalists go deep and find out the background and credentials of producer of this movie Ronnie Screwvala and Writer Haidar Ali, the involvement of Muslim underworld in financing this movie and complicity of Censor Board. Indian people should be more vigilant. The campaign of vilification carried on by some anti-Indian groups from Mumbai motivated by a malicious design to malign Hindu people should be stopped forthwith.

Hindus will never be able to forget the atrocities committed on Hindus by alien Muslim rulers. The Islamic period of the Indian History was the most suffocating and genocidal period as far as Hindus are concerned. It is a well-known fact of Indian History that 17,000 Hindu girls, in order to avoid molestation at the hands of Muslim marauders, had committed Jauhar – self-immolation.

It is a matter of disgrace that Indian school books under the successive Congress governments have been hiding the truth and distorting the Indian History.

Medieval India's History was written first by Muslims and then by the British. Both tried their best to falsify India's History by portraying Hindus in a bad light. However, a more objective history of India is slowly being written today which documents the depredations and genocide by Muslim rulers - often based on facts given by Muslim chroniclers of these rulers.

Hindus are waking up from deep slumber slowly but surely. The angry demonstrations in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Lucknow and Patna against the movie Jodhaa Akbar are an indication of the things to follow on all India level. The Hindus of today are determined that a more objective history be available which portrays their life, culture and contributions in an appropriate and factual manner. They are determined to restore the dignity to Hindu Dharma at any cost.