Friday, May 30, 2008

Marxist ministers try to change Tradition in Guruvayur

Bhagavane Guruvayoorappa ! Pranams to all Bhakthas ,

Guruvayoor Devaprasnam had predicted that, one Temple elephant would die shortly . See the last point no.61 which is given below). Yesterday , the Elephant Unnikrishnan died after being struck by lightning . See Photo Below

The recent ill-omens have confirmed that , things are not going well in Guruayoor . The atheist Devaswom Board is willfully corrupting the sacred "Kshetra Acharas" ( Temple Traditions) . Guruvayoorappa-Bhaktas are worried about their dearest Temple and are ardently praying for Bhagavan's divine intervention to save it .

Evil Conspiracy

Some of the recent evil activities of the atheists dominated Guruvayoor Devaswam Board, are listed below for your information :

The sacred temple-art "Krishnanattam" ( which must be staged only in Guruvayoor Temple because Bhagavan enters the stage when it is played ) was staged outside

2 days back, ie, in the Guest house to entertain "cultural" minister M.A.Baby , revenue Minister Rajendran and their gang of atheists . I don't want to pollute the space here by detailing about these "VIPs" and the Desecration of "Krishnanattam" .

Unauthorized moves to replace the 100 year old Deepasthambam . ( Though the Board denies it in public , the fraud is in the final stage) .

Efforts to create divisions within the "Thanthri" family in order to overocme the objections of authorized Thanthri Brahmasree Chennas Raman Namboodirippadu .

Sabotaging the "Pariharakriyas" ( Atonements stated in Devaprasnam) .

Repeated non-compliance of Guruvayoorappan's will ( Which were revealed in Devaprasnam. See the details below) .

This situation is most serious . Atheists have seized control of the Temple and they are pretending as "well wishers" . They are conspiring to desecrate the Temple in order to promote Communism .

Wake up Bhakthas

Our most powerful weapon is " Samooha Prarthana" ( group prayers) . We all must beg to Guruvayoorappan for His direct intervention to crush the Temple destroyers and save the Temple.

May Guruvayoorappan listen to our prayers !!!!